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Transparent Radiation Shielding

ClearView Radiation Shielding™ – Transparent Shielding Evolved

Radium has developed a next generation of radiation shielding technology. Our patented (#10262763 and other patent-pending) ClearView RS liquid solution is developed to be a lightweight, non-hazardous alternative to the industry’s existing heavy and toxic lead shielding. Radium is designing new products in a variety of shapes and sizes to take advantage of ClearView RS’s transparency; enabling shielding in remote and unlikely locations.

Most existing neutron shields such as water, concrete, and polyethylene absorb and attenuate neutrons but create high energy gammas, which warrant a secondary shielding. ClearView, attenuates neutrons and gammas at the same time, thereby eliminating the need multiple structures.

Using impact resistant polycarbonate materials as the housing for the solution, Radium has developed lead blanket replacement panels, mobile rolling shields, and steam generator shield doors. Work task shields and other products are currently under development. Please contact us for your custom shielding solution.

ClearView Radiation Shielding Case Study

Performance Overview

  • Gamma Shielding HVL 1 .5’’, TVL 4 .8’’– ANSI / HPS N13.11
  • Neutron Attenuation – HVL 1’’ for Thermal Neutron Flux
  • Neutron Attenuation – HVL 3 .75’’ for Fast Neutron Flux
  • Raman Spectroscopy and ICP – OES performed for Chemical and Material characterization.
  • DOT (US), IATA, IMDG certified non-hazardous and environmentally friendly.
  • NFPA, HMIS rating 0 (Fire, Physical Contact and Reactivity)
  • Does not create internal sources of radiation.
  • Non-toxic, non-abrasive to human contact.
  • Contents safe as per OSHA and EHS regulations.
Isotope Gamma Energy (keV) HVL (in.) CVRS Wt at 1 HVL (lbs)(1 ft. x 1 ft.)
Cs 137 661 .7 0 .75 8 .98
Co 60 1250 1 .5 17 .97
Comparing for Co60 gammas, lead would weigh 36 .4 lbs and ClearView is half the weight. For all other lower energy gammas, ClearView would be more than 50% lighter than lead.

ClearView Radiation Shielding Products for Nuclear Power Plants