Hurricane Hoods being used at a Nuclear Power Plant for installing Steam Generator Nozzle Dams.


Hardhats and intercom system can be worn in the hood. (Category 2 Model Shown)


The Category 2 model (back mounted) is a very compact and lightweight (<2 lbs.) back pack unit.


Category 3 model (head mount) used to access limited access spaces, provides high flow air down the front of the head for defogging.

Hurricane Hood Power Belt

A very thin (3/4” Thick) power belt supplies power to the system for 3 – 6 Hours depending on options. The power belt can be worn inside or outside protective clothing.(Poly sleeving not shown)

Hydration Pack for Hurricane Hood

Optional in suit hydration bladder mount for Hurricane Hood Category 2.

Business Partner WANTED!

Seeking experienced respiratory manufacturing company to partner for NIOSH certification of this product. Currently not NIOSH certified. Contact us if interested.

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Powered Air Purifying Suit – Hurricane Hoods

Radium Incorporated (Radium) set out on a mission to develop the ultimate personal breathing and cooling system for the nuclear power industry worker. For decades, nuclear workers had no choice but to use respiratory protection products that made it difficult to breathe, were obstructive to use, and created an extremely hot and stressful environment to work. The Hurricane Hood™ line of products is the industry solution for a problem that has lingered long enough.

Radium’s patented (#7832396 ) Hurricane Hood system is more than just a personal containment system that provides ample air. The Hurricane Hood line of products provides options such as miniature wireless color cameras, wireless communications, LED lights, and a new Hydration Pack. When you purchased a Hurricane Hood, you have purchased a modular platform that can be configured for numerous jobs. A Cat-2 (back mount) can be configured as a Cat-3 for head mounting with the addition of the Cat-3 Halo Band. Typical uses include Control Rod Drive Maintenance, Steam Generator Platform Support Workers, and Reactor Cavity Decontamination Workers. Virtually any job that requires personal protection from radioactive contamination and added cooling and/or hydration will benefit from using a Hurricane Hood.

The Hurricane Hood modular blower system provides high flow (33 CFM) of filtered (HEPA) air into the suit for breathing and cooling the worker. The concept is simple, provide enough filtered air in the suit to displace the trapped hot air in the suit. The high air flow provides other benefits such as defogging the hood.

Hurricane Hood PAPR Cat-2 and Cat-3

Hurricane Hood System Advantages

  • Provides OVER 33 CFM of filter air flow. This is more than 5 times the amount of air flow required for a NIOSH powered air purifying respirator.
  • Eliminated all hoses! – removes a serious safety hazard of crimping and cutting hoses.
  • High performance lightweight blower with optimized air flow path.
  • Everything from headsets to hard hats can be worn under the hood.
  • Modular design that can be easily configured to a head mounted CAT-3 model or to a back mounted CAT-2 with minimal additional parts.
  • Powered by a very thin (only ¾” thick!) adjustable power belt configured with 2 banks of 12-volt batteries to supply power to the hood for up to 6 hours.
  • Optional 3rd 12-volt battery bank for additional equipment or extended use
  • Electrical connectors have a locking mechanism to prevent accidental disconnection
  • The power belt buckle is made from heavy duty thermal plastic that requires a double action to disconnect.
  • The power belt can be sleeved in poly sleeving and worn on the outside of your outer protective clothing (PCs) to allow for quick in the field swaps without removing the user’s outer layer PCs
  • Very low cost of ownership. Does NOT require air compressors, air filter banks, air lines, air support and monitoring personnel, piping and plumbing, and all of the maintenance that comes with a breathing air system.