Project Description

ClearView Radiation Shield Bricks
ClearView Radiation Shield slides

ClearView Radiation Shielding – Low Dose Clinical Procedure Shielded Bricks

Transparent ClearView Radiation Shielding in brick and slide configurations give you a smaller option for housing the Clear View shielding liquid. These units are modular in design and can be stacked. This will allow for different shield thickness requirements for various radioisotopes. Construction is from polycarbonate material.

  • ClearView Radiation Shielding Bricks are a suitable solution to temporary or permanent shielding/storage. These bricks can be stacked together to make a portable enclosure and make 3-walled caves
  • ClearView RS Slides Viewing are suitable to be used as windows or as parts of disposable templates in used in products used to administer Low Dose Brachytherapy, High Dose Inoperative Brachytherapy giving clear visual access while performing a procedure while providing shielding.
  • ClearView RS Slides Small are suitable Small Animal Radiotherapy Research shielding where animals such mice and rabbits operate on a day night cycle and using opaque products are not an option. Using ClearView slides protects dose going from one animal to the other, avoiding the risk of additional exposure than anticipated.

The ClearView Radiation Shielding solution for bricks and slides are housed in impact resistant polycarbonate.

Standard brick thicknesses (Gamma protection) – 0.5’’, 1.0’’, 1.5’’, 2.0’’, 2.5’’, 3’’.

Standard brick thicknesses (X-Ray protection) – 0.1’’, 0.15’’, 0.2’’, 0.25’’, 0.3’’, 0.4’’, 0.5’’

Standard slide thicknesses – 0.1’’, 0.15’’, 0.2’’, 0.25’’, 0.3’’.

Standard Dimensions – 1’’x 3’’, 1’’x 2’’, 2’’x 3’’, 3’’x 3’’, 4’’x 3’’, 4’’x 4’’, 6’’x 4’’

Gamma Attenuation

Isotope  Gamma Energy (keV)  HVL (in.)
** I – 131 364 0.55
*a F – 18 511 0.9
* Cs – 137 661.7 1.0
*# Co – 60 1250 1.5

** Testing performed at Nuclear Medicine department at University of Wisconsin – Madison.
*a Testing performed at Carbone Cancer Center at University of Wisconsin – Madison.
*Testing performed at The University of Wisconsin’s Radiation Calibration Laboratory (UWCRL), an Accredited Dosimetry Calibration Laboratory by American Association of Physicists in Medicine. UWRCL is accredited through the American Association for Laboratory Accreditation for meeting the performance criteria of the internationally accepted ISO/IEC 17025,
*#Co-60 – Testing using ANSI / HPS N 13.11 Standard.

Lead Glass Vs. Lead Acrylic Vs. ClearView

Material Properties

  • DOT (US), IATA, IMDG certified non-hazardous and environmentally friendly.

  • NFPA, HMIS rating 0 (Fire, Physical Contact and Reactivity)

  • Does not create internal sources of radiation.

  • Non-toxic, non-abrasive to human contact.

  • Contents safe as per OSHA and EHS regulations