Project Description


ClearView Beta – Gamma Syringe Shield 

The ClearView Beta-Gamma Syringe Shield is constructed of polycarbonate and acrylic materials which shields against Beta emission and errant bremsstrahlung, and the tungsten based ClearView solution inside attenuates gamma’s. A single syringe shield works with 10cc and 20cc syringes. A thumbscrew holds the syringe firmly in place.


The ClearView Syringe Shields are designed to protect nuclear medicine technologists from sources such as:

  • PluvictoTM and LutatheraTM Lutetium Lu-177
  • Zevalin Y-90
  • Strontium Sr-89
  • Phosphorus P-32
  • Quadramet Sm-153 and other beta-gamma emitting radiopharmaceuticals.


  • Fits 1cc, 10cc and 20cc Syringes
  • Shielding
    • Beta: 0.5’’ or 12.7mm Acrylic
    • Gamma: 2 mm Lead
  • Dimensions
    • O.D. – 2’’, I.D. – 0.9’’
    • Length – 3.75’’
    • Weight – 450 gm.
  • Easily sanitized with alcohol wipes
> Gamma Radiation Shielding Analysis for ClearView Radiation Shielding
Lead Glass Vs. Lead Acrylic Vs. ClearView

Material Properties

  • DOT (US), IATA, IMDG certified non-hazardous and environmentally friendly.

  • NFPA, HMIS rating 0 (Fire, Physical Contact and Reactivity)

  • Does not create internal sources of radiation.

  • Non-toxic, non-abrasive to human contact.

  • Contents safe as per OSHA and EHS regulations