Steam Generator Nozzle Dam Services

|Steam Generator Nozzle Dam Services
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Steam Generator Nozzle Dam Services

Steam Generator Nozzle Dam Services

Radium Incorporated offers industry leading steam generator nozzle dam services. From consulting services to turnkey operations, Radium’s personnel have decades of experience with Busitech (Rust / Brand) Scientech ( NES ), Westinghouse, Integrated Technologies Inc. (ITI), and Combustion Engineering Nozzle Dam Systems. To support these services, Radium has developed a comprehensive infrastructure that includes a utility approved NQA-1; 10CFR50 Appendix B Quality Assurance Program and a Corporate Health and Safety Plan.

Our nozzle dam training program utilizes our state-of-the-art digital video and audio equipment. We have developed this system to provide nozzle dam technician feedback through video replay of individuals and teams that will improve individual skills and teamwork. No other service provider goes to this effort or makes this type of investment to ensure the success of our customers’ services. You can rely on Radium’s commitment to your success.

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Steam Generator Nozzle Dam Equipment

Radium can provide your replacement steam generator nozzle dam parts or complete systems. Contact us for the following equipment:

Nozzle Dam Parts /Bolts
Nozzle Dam Lightning Bolts (Quick Installation Bolts)
Hose Assemblies
Control Consoles
Bowl Drain Plugs
Nozzle Dam Protective Covers
Installation Tools
Steam Generator Platform Tool Boxes
Spare Parts Kits

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